About this project


Man, Myth, Legend is a self initiated project exploring the idea of the media and the news. Presented in the form of a newspaper, Man, Myth, Legend contains every news story published which discusses ‘Jack Harness’.


The newspaper acts as a portrait of myself, or at least as a portrait of Jack Harness, as only a few of the news stories are in reference to myself. However, although not all the news stories are about me, they are all about ‘Jack Harness’ and they are all 100% factually accurate.


The newspaper runs linear as to create a sense that this project is Jack Harness, from birth, all the way to death (near Grimsby apparently)





Jack Harness


Type Kawagoe

Camberwell Ident

Hops in Hell


The Expert Archive

Portraits (of Jack Harness)

Man, Myth, Legend